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  • Calif. License #13593 (1980)
  • 35 years experience
  • NCMIC Occurence Coverage provided
  • References on request

 chiropractors services by ​Dr Gary M  Lesker  California Chiropractic Vacation Relief caliifornia chiropractic vacation coverage 

California Chiropractic Vacation Relief California Chiropractic Vacation Coverage

Professional, Dependable, Adaptable

Safe, Secure, Experienced

  • 3 day minimum to 3 week maximum
  • We generate New Patient Referrals for you!
  • flexible payment plans
  •  Checks,Paypal and Credit Cards accepted

  • Palmer and Full Spine Diversified
  • Thompson, Gonstead, SOT
  • Activator, AK, Nutritional Expert
  • Reputation for energy,enthusiasm, optimism and positivity
  • Fluent in Spanish