We will meet for up to a half day for an orientation to your practice and techniques at no charge to you. This ensures that your methods and best practices will be followed to your satisfaction giving you the peace of mind that can only come from having confidence in my ability to deliver as promised.

Maybe you dream of kicking back somewhere in the Tropics. Hawaii? Aruba? or maybe staying right in your own backyard!Either way, the benefits will be vast and the cost minimal.

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Go ahead. Treat yourself to some valuable time off all the while knowing that your precious patients and staff are in capable, experienced hands and will be treated with the courtesy and respect they deserve.

Take a break. You deserve it!

We are all individuals and each Doctor has unique professional, family, spiritual and monetary goals. One of my goals for you is that you do not lose money while you are away and that my short stay (from 3 days to 3 weeks) in your practice is a revenue positive (or at least revenue neutral ) experience for you. In fact, I guarantee that it will be. Please call me personally anytime to discuss details. You'll be glad you did. Dr Gary M. Lesker

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False modesty aside, When I was  in active California Practice  from 1980 through 2003, I personally treated more than 8000 individual new patients and supervised the care of countless more through my associates. Like many of you, I attended quite a few technique and management seminars which imparted the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve Master Level proficiencies as a consumate adjustor inspiring patient confidence.